Our Story

Crafting Confidence
Since 1929

On life’s journey, each of us has our own path to walk. But there are the remarkable few who stride with passion, purpose and optimism. Our founder, Testoni, was such an individual. 

At TESTONI, we believe that by embracing authenticity and allowing your inner light to shine, you’ll exude self-assurance as you pursue the things that ignite your passion.

Testoni pursued his craft in Bologna, the historical centre of shoemaking. His passion was so boundless that by the age of 24, he had already mastered the secrets of the city’s most celebrated maestros. In 1929, he opened his own workshop to follow his dream of creating footwear that effortlessly blends style and craftsmanship—a reflection of his own confidence.

But confidence isn’t a destination. It’s a noble pursuit that lasts a lifetime. We’ve been at it for 90 years—striving to elevate our art and perfect our craft. We pushed the boundaries of style and invented new techniques, such as our patented Piuma Rapid technique which uses chain stitching with hand-braided linen twine to create a feather-light shoe of unimaginable comfort and freedom of movement.

Each and every creation that bears our founder’s name is masterfully handcrafted from the finest materials, showcasing a mélange of tradition and innovation. They are sometimes subtle, sometimes sensational, but always exquisitely crafted and timeless. It’s a virtue you can see and touch—and feel confident about as you put your best foot forward.

Today, Testoni’s dream has taken on a global scale, bringing the world luxury footwear that are as expressive as they are exceptional. Our collections can be found in EMEA, the US and Asia, including in China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Luxury footwear aficionados in Europe, the US and Asia can also order our latest creations through our online store. 

Our journey continues as we explore new techniques, new looks and new markets. And as you continue on yours, be inspired to craft your life with confidence and joy of life. Let our masterpieces empower you to make every step count.