Made To Order

Made to Order: a personalized luxury experience.
This a.testoni exclusive service allows you to customize as desired a selection of their leading styles including the iconic M11559. The service best combines the quintessential craftsmanship of the brand with extremely high quality materials.
The key word is customize: your footwear can be created selecting from among the finest leathers and colours and also the styles and fit that are adapted to your foot for a perfect fit and absolute comfort based on your personal needs.
An exclusive finishing touch: the incision of the client’s name on the sole. Made on request by master craftsmen. Choose your footwear, modify it according to your style, complete it with attention to the minutest details, feel the artisan skill behind each product: this is the pleasure of the Made to Order experience a.testoni. The service is available in selected a.testoni boutiques throughout the world.
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