I'm different. I'm I29.


“I”– the letter that expresses a sense of belonging, identity and self-awareness.
“Two-Nine” – the year the a.testoni adventure began, a symbol of “follow-through-2-the-future”.

I29 is a new concept.
I29 is where Italian lifestyle meets everyday life.
I29 is a lively, spontaneous approach to every occasion, every day.
I29 is the perfect combination of design and function.
I29 is music.

Discover the Street Rhythm Collection Fall Winter 18/19.

6Stars Crystal Sneaker

Crystals shine shaping the 6Stars design of the iconic I29 a.testoni sneakers.

Be Grunge

Grunge inspirations and technical materials for the Techno-Scotch world.

The Exchangeable Backpack

Multi-functional and ultra-versatile, with the interchangeable front Pocket-Pochette.

Choose your Rhythm

Be Rock

Rock toe with metal studs for the Fall Winter 18/19 brushed laced-up boots.

Rock Boot
USD $840.00

Be Ninja

Extra-soft backpacks and maxi-boom bags follow the steps of the new urban-ninja.

Discover the man collection

  1. Scottisch Sneaker
    Scottisch Sneaker
    USD $480.00
  2. Scottisch Sneaker
    Scottisch Sneaker
    USD $500.00
  3. Black sneaker
    Black sneaker
    USD $370.00
  4. 6Stars Sneaker
    6Stars Sneaker
    USD $590.00
  5. Rock Boot
    Rock Boot
    USD $840.00
  6. Rock lace-ups
    Rock lace-ups
    USD $740.00
  7. Prismatic sneaker
    Prismatic sneaker
    USD $630.00
  8. Wax fabric sneaker
    Wax fabric sneaker
    USD $370.00

Discover the woman collection