• Images by Maria Vittoria Backhaus, the brilliant photographer who has always interpreted fashion seriously and seen aesthetics as a discipline, have been chosen to create the a.testoni fall/winter 2017-2018 ad campaign identity.
  • For thousands of years nature has endured, renewing and evolving; at times violent, at times breathtakingly beautiful.
  • I29 A.TESTONI was born of the encounter between Italian lifestyle and daily living made up of essential elements like music, travel and sports.
  • A color palette suspended in time. A sober, relax, Italian style. Contemporary elegance, with a functionality twist.
  • In the occasion of the Fall Winter 17\18 Collection Presentation, a.testoni has launched its first environmentally sustainable capsule Collection, embracing one of the trends that is becoming more common in major markets: environmental sustainability, the new frontier of the conscious fashion.
  • Take a look to the pictures of the Fall Winter 17/18 Collection presentation during the Fashion Week in Milan.
  • After the successful opening of its first boutique for women, a.testoni has opened a new store in Rome completely dedicated to men. Located in the dynamic and always interesting luxury shopping street of the capital at Via Borgognona 21 the boutique officially opened on 11 July 2016.
  • Here some pics from the a.testoni event in Seoul, at the prestigious The Plaza Hotel, October 4th/5th 2016.
  • In a world that is more and more conformist, there are still those who choose to find their own way, declaring their independence and identity day after day. These are the modern romantic rebels of a.testoni. Men and women of today that proclaim their own elegant style with a determination that is never overstated but intimately decisive.
  • Opening in Rome is the first a.testoni boutique for women only: from shoes to handbags and clothing in a sophisticated and contemporary space.
  • An unusual worskop took place at the a.testoni Boutique in Pacific Place, Hong Kong, on 15th and 16th April. Participants were able to experience the craftsmanship expertise, becoming, for some time, a craftsman's apprentice, under the direction of an a.testoni master.
  • Our artisan in Taipei 101, showing how to create a shoe.

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